14 – 29 August 2015

G. Bridle offers a new miscellany of works from the collection the Retreat for this solo exhibition.

This iteration of the Retreat takes the quote “the guest is inside”, from the mystic poet Kabir, as its germ. Repurposed as a methodology for Of the Spoiling, the inside might be the gallery; a nod to the bodies that inhabit the space before and after the host – be the host object or artist – or perhaps the inside belongs to something or someone else: the artist, the audience or the object.

The constellation of objects accumulated by the artist through unorthodox conservation and feral curation take on the etymology of spoiling. Spoil comes, via Middle English, in the sense to plunder, from Latin spolium “plunder, skin stripped from an animal”. The root is imbued with the determined, perhaps self-serving, transitioning of a thing from one state to another. The state revealed is not the thing’s idealised form, but neither is it wholly unnatural. It is milk left on the windowsill in the sun but also the introduction of the rennet or the yeast or the vaccine. It is the thing helped to rot, to recompose from the inside out.

The Retreat is both a project and a collection of items made, repurposed, altered, borrowed and or otherwise accessioned by the artist. Items from the collection have been shown since 2008 in site specific installations including exhibitions at the Adam Art Gallery; Aratoi, Wairarapa Museum of Art and History; ST Paul St Gallery and Artspace.

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