Julian Dashper & Girlfriends

31 January – 4 February 2017

Featuring work by Paula Booker, Mishka Borowski, Mary-Louise Browne, Judy Darragh, Alicia Frankovich, Anne-Marie May, Rose Nolan, Elizabeth Pulie, Marie Shannon, Kathy Temin, Mimi Tong, and Erica van Zon with Julian Dashper MY SPACE, a film by Simone Horrocks.


WWWII is a reboot of an exhibition, WWW, curated by the late Julian Dashper 12 years ago at Kaliman Gallery, Sydney, in 2005. Dashper was offered the space for a solo exhibition, however, he managed to persuade the gallery director, Wassily Kaliman, that a salon hang of works by selected woman artists would be worthwhile. Dashper invited six New Zealand women artists and six Australian women artists, all of whom had professional and working relationships and, needless to say, strong friendships with Dashper. The title of the rebooted exhibition, WWWII, has been expanded to include the line Julian Dashper & Girlfriends as a lighthearted reference to the major exhibition at City Gallery, Wellington, Julian Dashper & Friends, curated by Robert Leonard.

When approached to participate in this GLOVEBOX exhibition all 12 of the artists offered to contribute and all, with the exception of one, have been able to present a work. Three artists who Dashper worked with and supported subsequent to the original 2005 exhibition are also present in this redux.

Dashper was a proponent of artist run spaces and was renowned for visiting biennales and museum exhibitions on the last hour of the last day. His presence in this exhibition, through Simone Horrock’s Julian Dashper MY SPACE, is timely given this is the final exhibition at GLOVEBOX.

GLOVEBOX thanks the curator, artists, and their representatives and private collectors who have made works available for the exhibition – Hamish McKay, Two Rooms, Melanie Roger, Starkwhite, Bartley & Company Art, and Trish Clark.

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Julian Dashper MY SPACE

Early in 2008, Dashper approached film makers Simone Horrocks and Richard Flynn with the idea of collaborating on a film project. It was important to Dashper that we remain open to the idea of where the filming might take us, but together we agreed that the film would in some way be: ‘A meditation on the meaning of success and failure in an artist’s life’.

Filming took place between June and October 2008, as Dashper travelled between Auckland, Sydney and Chicago. It was Dashper’s wish that MY SPACE be exhibited on YouTube. At the time of its world premiere on 22nd August 2010, uploads were limited to 10 minutes, so the film was designed to be seen as a series of episodes. This restriction has now been lifted, so to mark the opening of the exhibition WWWII Julian Dashper & Girlfriends on 31st January 2017, a full-length version was uploaded, enabling the film to be seen as one complete work. Julian Dashper MY SPACE 70 mins © Hotwire Films Ltd 2010 was made with the support of the Screen Innovation Production Fund.

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